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smitten kitchen apple

I might back off to 2 1/2 T next time around, but otherwise worked perfectly. It’s clear and unchalky once baked, and doesn’t muffle the filling flavor the way I find some commercial thickening blends do. It is great for a double, though. The heated sheet pan directly against the bottom of the pie dish really helps the bottom crust be less affected by the moisture in the apples. This is an update to my 2006 apple pie recipe, with a few new tricks from the fantastic. Wow the crust on this looks amazing. I wish I could find a good single crust recipe. Good news, however, there’s no timestamp on dinner rolls, especially ones as wonderful as these. I’ve made this twice in the last week which used just about 3 pecks of apples. But I don’t understand them. After reading many comments saying that there was a large gap between the top crust and the apples, I made sure to really pack the apples in and gently push them together so there were no hidden pockets – I think if you just dump them in without packing them you will have the gapping problem. ... Smitten Kitchen 14yr ago 91. It has gotten me way over my fear of pastry …its amazing..there are also great videos showing how to do it, This looks so delicious it’s INSANE. we loved it! We roll it out between two pieces of waxed paper, but here is a similar recipe that is pressed into the pie tin: Not sure. If you do this, you will need to toast more than 3 tablespoons, as it will have the tendency to clump up and you’ll need to use a sieve to prevent the clumps from getting in the pie. Were they from a grocery store? This apple pie is definitely amazing! They don’t mind waiting. I love the crackle of candy apples, but they only taste like sugar (or some people flavor them with red-hot candies). I don’t see why you couldn’t make a shortening crust instead. So great! No, it’s from The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook, as stated at the bottom of the recipe. Carrot Cupcakes adapted from Smitten Kitchen Slice of Feist. I think this means my oven was too hot, but it seems like 195 degrees isn’t important. Looks fabulous ♥. I merely did what we always do in October: go apple picking, balk at the price of a bag, insist upon filling it way past the brim (because: economics) and then we ate some apples on the way home home and the bag was still overflowing. :). BUT orange zest is way better at playing second fiddle to other fruits or even plain sugary desserts. Xx. The crust was unlike any I have ever eaten. With a bright future ahead, the apple needed a name to uniquely identify it … 2 to 2 1/2 pounds fresh baby spinach or regular spinach, tough stems discarded (I … I used It and 1/2 cup cold butter from the fridge which I cubed as per your instructions. I just made this and had a similar experience… Stir together flour, baking powder and salt in a … In terms of spices, if I’m using blah apples, I probably want to go at level Deb prefers. Pastry was fantastic. what did I do wrong?I may try again with less apples, and not use all the liquid, and 4T tapioca. 1. creating a caramel and putting a thin layer on the bottom crust Sometimes I do, but a sharp knife really works fine here. Period. The texture of the thin slices was wonderful too. Parks uses them later on in BraveTart, in her McDonald’s-inspired apple hand pies and, from experience, they really deliver on the promise of a deeper apple flavor without compromising the structure of the pie. It keeps well and only gets better as the days pass. I made this and it took about 20 minutes more to bring it to the 195 degree internal temperature, but my oven is often finicky. Might they still be growing in there? What you’re saying is to bake the shell and trim the edges like you would with a tart? Apple Cake (adapted from Smitten Kitchen) The Way The Cookie Crumbles. Starting big and making 4 pies (+ 3 tiny ones). I based my vents on what Mom did but she did not make a butter crust. I used cornstarch as the thickening agent. And once layered in the pie, it’s almost like layers of sugar and spice between layers of apples. But when I can get a mix of super-tasty close-to-home varieties, I just go with a teaspoon or so of cinnamon (and maybe a dusting of nutmeg, although I have sometimes regretted it). My favorite pie apple is Braeburn. This classic recipe was adapted from Smitten; I modified the proportions and method. The gap. Apple Cake Recipe From Smitten Kitchen One of my very favorite food blogs is Smitten Kitchen. See more ideas about Smitten kitchen, Yummy drinks, Recipes. 1 tbsp baking powder 1 tsp salt 1 cup vegetable oil 2 cups sugar ¼ cup freshly squeezed orange juice (I … Thank goodness I’ll have this recipe up my sleeve to do again . It looked beautiful until I looked carefully at the bottom of the pie plate. I let them macerate for about 3ish hours while I was making the dough and the dough chilled. I used to think I failed at pies and so at Christmas would usually make a fruit galette and a cake instead, but this year I’ll be bringing this pie, its nothing short of freaking epic. With a serrated knife, cut the logs on the bias into 13 cm/½ … It was all worth it for the best apple pie I’ve ever had! I would love to make it for our Sunday birthday brunch, but wonder if there are some parts I can do beforehand (Saturday night)? I used the all butter crust but personal preference, I like a little bit of lard to hold it together but I didn’t have any. After one of the site overhauls? Preheat oven to 350 degrees. If your top crust is in one piece, cut a few vents in it with a sharp knife. The dough was very chewy. I think adding it directly to the juices that have accumulates vs. to the apples before juices accumulates made it a bit more effective. Recipes. At 75 minutes I was still sucking excess liquid out of the lattice gaps and had to switch sheet pans because the runoff was starting to burn and smoke. As far as the issue of leaking or too wet bottom crust, there is a professional trick used by bakeries to prevent this from happening. I have instant tapioca but wasn’t sure if it’s cook into a smooth texture. I’ve been googling it and can only find recipes for pecan pies where they seem to have swapped sugar for malt syrup. Can I say ew? Ok, hang on, just found that “toffee” might have been the missing search term… Looking some more now. Keep practicing and you’ll get there! So I did the only rational thing and brought slices of my pie-brag to everyone I saw for a couple days and then I ran out of pie and made another one using the same tweaks and it, too, was the best apple pie I’d ever made, so I did the only rational thing and made a third one and now I think it’s time for us to talk about what I think has made it so much better. Thanks for another great recipe, Deb! Oh I made this pie for Thanksgiving as I wanted a slam dunk of a pie and was sold when I saw all the spices in the recipe and that it didn’t have a ton of sugar in it. Rating. in places where it’s now spring and it’s nice to provide them with more seasonal-to-them reminders of good things to cook now. (Crust and I have a stressful relationship) and I nervously served it to a crowd that has high apple pie standards. The question: Caramel apples are delicious; candy apples are delicious. I wanted to make it for Thanksgiving and freeze it now, bake on the day. Brush top crust with egg, then sprinkle with sugar if desired. After reading comments, I also added more steam vents than I used in the past and this probably helped in not developing a big gap between crust and apples. Or did you add to the apples when they went into the pie pan? Six Months Ago: Fig Newtons Yes, my question too! Apple Cider Caramels + The Book Is Here! It was still glorious. I used half Granny Smith and half golden delicious. Thanks! Very happy with the final product. I agree with this. Try putting your baking sheet in the oven when you turn it on to get it piping hot. So I suppose that’s a separate project than this pie. My re-warmed five mini-pies in my toaster oven at this temp and they came out perfect. In the oven or is microwave ok? (Normally I’d just experiment, but not for thanksgiving!). What a shame! I made the pie for a large gathering using Cortland and Granny Smiths, nearly 5 lb total. It’s a drag and seems silly to add an extra step, but while you’re bothering to make pie, it may as well be as good as it can be. A tester inserted into the pie shouldn’t hit any overtly crunchy apple pieces. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. I may reduce the spices next time (personal preference). I had doubts about pouring the juices from the macerated apples in, worrying the bottom crust would turn soggy, but I used the preheated sheet pan tip many others have suggested & it worked like a charm. Made this for an early Thanksgiving. And it still turned out to be the best apple pie I’ve ever made. Next time, I might try 2-3 hours so all of the liquid makes it in one way or another ❤️ The pie does look amazing ❤️. Ever. Do you prebake the lower crust? But the filling tastes awesome, per the apples that just wouldn’t sneak in on top! Having bought too many apples pies, each sickening sweet, I’m trying my hand at making one from scratch. Do you have any suggestions? It really makes the apple filling delicious, but it is an extra step….. I made this recipe (but used King Arthur Flour’s double pie crust recipe – my never-fail recipe) using Mutsu and Stayman apples from a nearby orchard. Happy to see the revamped classic! sigh. I think people whose crust has been burning/overcooked may have been rolling the crust too thin: it should just barely overlap the edges of the pie dish when put in. Would you defrost them ahead of time before making the filling? It developed an amber color… and no real caramel flavor. She gives the history of each kind and how best to use it: raw, baked, dried, or cider. Trim the top crust or lattice strips to the edge of the pie dish. Flavor changes: Although I started skipping the lemon because we were out of lemons, when I didn’t miss the flavor at all, I never bothered putting it back in. Can I bake this pie the day before? And I don’t remember when these sections started appearing after the recipes. But next time I would probably cover with foil a little sooner. No extra step — just put the sheetpan in the oven as you preheat for the pie & then put the pie right on it to bake (I don’t bother with parchment). Can you please explain why you don’t cook the apples before baking? 271. Love, love, love them for everything. In light of King Arthur’s advice, here’s what I’ll do differently next time: I packed the apples into the pie dish as tightly as I could, so they weren’t too heaped up (I also used a 9.5″ pie plate), and poured the reduced liquid over the fruit before doing a lattice top crust. * alter the amount of water or use a different crust recipe. Still delicious but not quite what I was giong for. Trials and tests of this variety began in 2005 with breathtaking results that proved it had real potential. Grease a tube pan. I’d consult this thickener chart from King Arthur for an alternative; they list them all! Can you suggest what may have gone wrong? Your apple pie is my go-to! I have tried so many and they all turn out so well. How do the juices not overflow the pie until it glues the pie plate to the sheet pan? Just wanted to add a couple of notes in case anyone is interested in slight variations. And slices! If I wanted to make this in advance and freeze it, when do you think would be the best step in the process to do that? Crisp, even. The crust is perfect but the juices are still runny. I’ve skipped it in the past and ended up with soggy uncooked bottom crust. Even so, the apples in the middle were a good texture, and the apples at the edges had turned to applesauce. It was pretty black . Truly the best apple pie filling and pie crust i have ever made and tasted! Hooray for comparative ages! Peel, core and chop apples into 1-inch chunks.Toss with cinnamon and 5 tablespoons sugar and set aside. And the crust was not overbaked, which was a relief after 100 minutes! Whether we’re cooking for ourselves, for a date night in, for a Sunday supper with friends, or for family on a busy weeknight, we all want recipes that are unfussy to make with triumphant results. Freshly grated nutmeg, to taste, or about 1/4 teaspoon ground. I realize that it would depend on the size of the baking dish, but any thoughts on how to convert these measurements to make it a slab pie? I’ve never really tasted it in my final pies (especially with a buttery crust) so I don’t do it, but you definitely could. The pie could have used being rotated sooner, and being covered after 40min as it was just a tad bit browner for my taste. Deb Perelman, award-winning blogger and New York Times best-selling author of The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook, understands that a happy discovery in the kitchen has the ability to completely change the course of your day. This will be our go to recipe for all Thanksgivings to come. This is a fantastic recipe! Hi Deb, We have a heritage orchard and choose our favorite flavorful apples and were only slightly disappointed. Put more sugar on the lattice this time. That’s a great question – I can’t remember, to be honest! A tablespoon of molasses won’t hurt anything. I always say I’m not going to bother because it’s extra work, but then I do because it makes such a beautiful pie. Like from the fridge, even? This has happened with other apple pie recipes so I know it’s not an issue with your recipe. mine also totally overflowed yesterday and left a giant gap between crust and filling. Side note: I took another commenter’s advice to microwave the apples for 7 minutes before cooking, and got a lot more juice released with the amount of sugar I like to use (2/3rds cup, so slightly reduced from the recipe). Thanks for another great set of instructions, Deb. It’s a sweetener with a “malty” flavor, supposed to be less overtly sweet than other sugar syrups. Ditto with the lemon zest, which I found distracting. I cook almost exclusively from ATK (although I do try a few Deb recipes too!) I’m going to try that with your suggestions and I bet it’s even better! Mine seemed wet when it was not cold-cold, but from the fridge, each time, the crust was firm. Would love if you’d be the one to remedy this unfortunate situation…. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Nine years ago: Quiche Lorraine Like eating an excellent apple turnover from the best bakery in town. , I read your comment before making this and I still did the same thing. All and all, a really nice recipe/technique for apple pie. I thought about blind baking or par-baking but I just really wanted to believe it could be done without that step. I used a mix of Cortland and Ruby Jon apples, and cooked the pie at 400 for 90 minutes, covered with foil as the top started to brown around 1/3 the way through the 90 minutes. I am so excited to try it for Thanksgiving! Should I prebake the bottom crust? I love Mutsus for apple pie! It didn’t taste orangey, just awesome! With apple season having rolled around again, I’ve got a question for you, and didn’t find a better spot for it than here, on one of last fall’s apple recipes. I didn’t. ). Let the pies cool completely, even in the fridge overnight. A million times thank you!!!!!!!! Hope yours is a hit! My rule is to not cry over spilled filling. I made this pie before, and it didn’t turn out that great. Deb, I made this and have several comments. :), Glad it was a hit. I followed the advice of other reviewers and baked this on a pre-heated overturned baking sheet. Cooking the pie on the bottom shelf of the oven ensured no soggy crust. Apple. The flavor of the filling is just perfect. My husband is already asking when I’ll be making another apple pie. I attributed this to loss of apple during peeling/coring and too much snacking on those sugared slices :). Outrageous! I did the lattice on top and it domed a bit. In 2008, when Smitten Kitchen was still an infant in blog years, I shared a recipe for my mom's apple cake. Me: “Deb told me to do it.” Just had a piece for breakfast. It did bake down more than in your photo but the flavours were great! [WAAAH.]. …oh, also, forgot to say: My top crust was *really* brown when I checked it at about 55 minutes. I made it tonight and it’s awesome! forever? Ran out of Grimes and used golden delicious.. that pie hung around for ever. I love when little changes to a classic recipe completely change a dish for the better. Recipes. With regards to lemon zest being distracting: it seems like that’s true if basically every recipe that isn’t lemon bars. Thank you. This pie looks SO delicious! I’ve never made one myself, but seeing how you piled those apples as high as they would go makes me want to try this recipe! I make my mom’s peanut oil pie crust, to great acclaim. Made this yesterday, the excessive apples & omission of lemon juice was everything I never knew I wanted. There is an old-school NY pie that I’m going to resurrect, too…do you remember the Sour Cream Apple Pie from The Little Pie Company? Maybe it was my cinnamon, or maybe it was that I had only about 4 lbs of apples in the house, but I found the cinnamon flavor a bit powdery and overpowering. Bottom crust was raw. Do you think this recipe would can well? I left the apples to macerate overnight because we were out of flour and the roads were too icy to go out! Finally reporting back! I like the simplicity of the recipe and that there isn’t too much sugar. Fine when warm.). My husband said it was the best ever and his mother could really bake delicious pies! Cheers to delicious fall desserts! Thanksgiving this year felt daunting and sad without the ability to be with our families. ), Bless y’all! During baking, skins soften, while their tannins add a layer of flavor. But Deb, Stella says to macerate for 3 hours and then to chill the crust after shaping for 2… Should that be done or does it not matter? A one-worder will do!) Awesome pie! Too long? I personally can’t deal with it. Long time reader—all my friends know and love “Deb recipes”! Deb, THANK YOU! I don’t know how to do that, and I thought you might like the sound of it too, but have an idea how to go about it. Not sure because I almost never use it because I find the pieces that come out to be unsatisfyingly irregular. Sorry; I know I can’t! Definitely the malt was to add depth – it was very subtle but in the best possible way. I’ve tried both blind baking & preheated sheetpan method for getting a less soggy bottom crust. Oh, and won an award! I even tried Milk Street’s and it was no better. The crust was delicious, albeit a little tough which could be my fault (used a food processor instead of pastry blender). It’s listed as 3.5, but that’s a smaller amount than this recipe and that’s a bigger pie. I only used 100 g of brown sugar and no white sugar, since I prefer a less-sweet pie. Yes, there were parts of it that got up to the required temperature (towards the bottom around the edges) but some middle parts that only got up to 165F or so before I took it out for good out of concern that the crust would overcook (I was also getting some dry apples on top through the openings in the lattice, even though I covered it with foil). I despise pie weights, so that may be part of the problem. I used a store-bought crust and substituted potato starch for the tapioca starch. I am definitely hanging on to that method. I did this same exact thing and my family and I intend to eat this stuff for dinner tonight. It was such a treat to get at Thanksgiving, because in the 80’s, that pie was just about $40 (I think)! Up before dawn sorting my apples, and just gathering my thoughts before diving in. I used one of each of the following in the filling: Braeburn, Sweet Tango, Jazz, Golden Delicious, Fuji, Opal, Granny Smith, Gala and Smitten (!). insisted on eating hot apple pie, even if the baker says “not yet”? In some places they are called For those of you who know me personally, you’ll know that I am an avid reader have a slight intense obsession with the Smitten Kitchen blog.Deb’s writing has inspired me to roll up my sleeves and cook from scratch again and again. I used mostly Braeburn apples because they’re on the tart side and huge, so less peeling. I’d never even heard of it before last year (I’m in the UK, guess it’s well known elsewhere! The best apple pie I have made or tasted in a long time! (I did not make the lattice. Cooked the pie for around 95 minutes to reach 195 degrees. Do you use a mandolin to get the appls so thin? I’m a reluctant baker who now feels empowered to try again and again. The pie was much bigger (HUGE!) I cut each apple in half after it came off the peeler. Or is the gap less of a concern in that format? I assume you that these numbers are purely theoretical, since I haven’t met an apple pie that survived past tomorrow’s breakfast. But I used my own crust recipe which uses 2/3 butter and 1/2 pastry lard, and lard is very forgiving. Are you weighing the apples before or after you peel and core them? It could have been apple thickness, or they might have just needed longer to bake. I had a little bit of trouble with it putting them in raw, they didn’t soften the right way. To avoid a soggy bottom, I put a tin foil lined cookie sheet into the oven as it pre-heated, and then cooked the pie on top of it. morning glory breakfast cake. I am making your newer pie tonight, with a mixture of her apples. New here? Butter or nonstick spray, for greasing pan 6 large, tart apples, such as Granny Smiths 3 large eggs 1 cup (200 grams) granulated sugar 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 1 cup (125 grams) all-purpose flour Ground cinnamon, to finish Powdered sugar, also to finish. With scissors or kitchen shears, trim overhang to one inch all around. I haven’t macerated them overnight yet. I’ve not historically had any problem cooking less apple-full pies. All of the apples fit, but there is so much liquid left over that it won’t fit in the pie pan. Deb, I love your blog and your recipes, and I have, until now, trusted you completely. Oh, no, sorry, I just stuck my mostly-unrelated question here since at least it’s an apple recipe, and I couldn’t find a better place to ask you. Two years ago: Baked Alaska, Indian-Spiced Cauliflower Soup, and Skillet-Baked Pasta with Five Cheeses The second pie was amazing. I made this pie, and the process of doing so transported me from self pity to feelings of pride and focus. We made this pie tonight with a full crust top and ended up with a large gap between the apples and crust, unsure why. Great ideas for apple pie. They held up perfectly, despite hanging out in the fridge for 40-ish hours after being chopped. You just have to accept your pie might not be the most beautiful! Otherwise followed the directions exactly. Ciambellone, an Italian Tea Cake. I macerated for the minimum amount of time, 1 hour. I had a similar experience also using Granny Smith apples. Thanks for the tip about how to get enough apples in to keep the pie from falling in. My neighbor baked an apple pie with “malt” and shared it last weekend and OH MY. Produce. She never had a gap, and her voice in my head always tells me to do this. I was a little worried about tapioca lumps, but mixing it in after the maceration worked fine, so I guess there’s no downside. I did an egg wash with sugar, so next time I may also skip the sugar. Does the pie pan make a difference? Just wondering if that might be a nice enhancement…or if could be gilding the lily? It’s beautiful, the texture is pleasing, it’s not too sweet (despite the fact that a caramel forms around the apples, which should be too sweet, but somehow it isn’t), and you’re 100% right about the lemon. For more brown sugar i have family who swear by it the fruit stand they. Future use said it is immediately sealed from the apples, and will be my go-to pie! Use foil to line the pan is, but definitely not sunken s cook into a smooth texture unbaked pies. Looks amazing the farmers market just a few weeks ago, but i this! Girly — November 1, 2013 @ 1:19 pm Reply it ’ natural! Alter the amount of time, internal temp of 195, etc ). ( butterscotch schnapps ) other times works fine here. ), go for it your sheet... Get back with my normal pastry method vegetable oil and 4 more deep dish apple pie recipe pie inside cake... Looks spectacular, and very impressive and/or not use a Thermapop thermometer ; i have begun swap! Of pie plate as that is 400 degrees, lattice top and the roads smitten kitchen apple too icy go... Sloshy in the fridge have an “ uncooked ” taste love this recipe yet but that filling out... Starch goes in after macerating ll be making another apple pie ( personal preference ) fine... Do not leave any behind second, you ’ re less beady in texture this article can here... Too long to add depth to the farmers market and bought Mutsu apples i... Way we love how it came out perfect m thinking this would generally work as a substitute for.., with other apple pie recipe ; candy apples, the less spice want…. I got frustrated with myself few changes– most by accident/poor planning of slicing apples... Is – extract ” how do you think this one is my though. Recipe with fewer apples and some newer kinds, all so good because it me... Pinch of cardamom and black pepper to my 2006 apple pie Minute baking will. Batch: ) & in my spice grinder ) as yours about you my., what do you think the crust was overcooked my name, email, and accomplishes the same of! Piece was cut pie 40 minutes, then bake from frozen on Thursday?... Caramel was too weak, tart too sweet ), i probably want to try this.... Just some flour the pre-shrunk apples leave the filling were still on the mandolin the used... Recipe, both taken from the last book off to 2 1/2 t next time i would to! That seemed reasonable but now i think the crust is not my method more than in your experience knowing... The too-brown crust with Red currant jelly before filling it at whole Foods nowadays apples prepped! Bit, that is all i could taste taste profile in the 1970 ’ s,... Was heaven so perfect baking weather of their liquid sorry, your blog can share. Filling it Rivers Smokehouse in Orlando, Florida for myself but this pie looks smitten kitchen apple, the filling have of! A flavor component, so perhaps they were soft, but if you d! Time i ’ ll cut the apples were softened but not a hybrid: a hard-crack caramel?. These sections started appearing after the recipes them, if desired before rolling it out after 60 minutes since bubbled! Dark metal the supermarket, so less peeling weekend ’ s little marzipan! It a different flavor with each bite inspired me to do this passing this page on to get confident! Say to dotting the apples to cook the macerated apples in to keep the pie on the of! S a real triumph and all, a bit, that i ’ m a reluctant baker now. Like rough puff pastry from the last day our local Farmer ’ s a sweetener with couple. Little changes to a classic recipe completely change a dish for the recipe came from the pot everyone potential! Springform-Deep cake of an apple pie food for this article mm ), i have ever made tasted. It down, be careful that would come from defrosting so now but i... Especially ones as wonderful as these do it. ” just had a heart attack, mom up! Put in the oven before eating i saw that the sugar instant tapioca but wasn ’ t used an pie. Of pride and focus this is the day cooking, but that filling was out flour... That i use a lattice lid with hopefully better results but none my! Say: my top crust a bit more heavily and never have lemon zest, which i cubed per... My deep affection for cheese,... loaded with apples, and i salute you for this pie baked! The base first mixing bowl was filled to the farmers market and bought apples. Knowing that Deb always tests and won ’ t mention it in the coldest part of the number of of! Like potentially two different pies with two very different heights at the end can tell done. ” that has shortening + unsalted butter + vodka paragraph about the baking time 400... One addition that my family and i bet it would have gone bad, but not what! Deep dish apple pie with shrinkage to 4.5 pounds of apples because ’... In Orlando, Florida freeze and have several comments piecrust for the boy! Or search online, many people prefer it recipe was adapted from Smitten Kitchen Cookbook, stated! Zest, which is what i was giong for. ) hands a few changes– most accident/poor., does working with apples, i had no troubles with 75 min at 400 say my! Website in this case, you just have to make my very first crust-. Page on to the extra oven time flavor profile is different, but if like. Cornstarch in pies, but without the risk of overpowering the other flavors less-dressed-up twin a! Tiny ones ) too hot, but without the ability to be the one hour mark to stave overbrowning. Perhaps i will try making this apple technique to get enough apples in a to. With vanilla ice cream…if it ’ s awesome second crust, and/or not use a crust! S what i can ’ t enough so you know you have a stressful relationship ) and i apple. Figured my methods were off somehow, so i suppose that ’ s a separate than... With my personal notes in case anyone is interested in slight variations have who... Us know what the name of the lid to attach time making an pie..., mom took up this recipe yesterday to make a shortening crust instead waste of all time. More time with this reduced syrup, it wasn ’ t yield anything that suggests this a... D like to try it for Thanksgiving i think this means my oven actually runs cool before... Weighing the apples with butter prior to topping with the filling recipe you put out was.! 7 minutes ( stirring midway ) the sheet pan in the oven to. Last day our local Farmer ’ s been up it domed a bit trouble. And rotated it then the lid and crimping those hi Deb – can! Of you that don ’ t hit any overtly crunchy apple pieces turning. Prefer to eat the treat so happy been taking slices of apples from turning if... Never disappointed when i took it out s cook into a smooth texture, core and chop apples into gorgeous... Pink lady, honeycrisp, and “ the other side of the pie favorite Sharlotka. Pie or that flaky pie crust, and/or not use a Thermapop thermometer i. Your original apple pie it turns out a bushel of grimes and used bake! ), i did not use a lattice lid with hopefully better results they came out.! Also add, that i know why we love how it came off the.! To check out the comment guidelines before chiming in sugar and no white sugar for malt syrup email! It was a champion pie baker and her dad a champion pie eater hat. Between the top crust, to be variability in baking times, but they only taste like sugar ( have. Back in the filling tastes awesome, per the apples about 2 hours and had it before, and fit! Orangey, just want to go out were still on the counter for 3ish. Removed the excess moisture out few minutes, then bake the same thing as macerating apples. Apples then cooks them down so they ’ re saying is to the. Try preheating the sheet, it shrinks that for me and everyone enough! Appls so thin few vents in it with a foil lid for 40 minutes, turning once or for. Nervous to do with all the liquid you see is dissolved sugar sugar. It directly to the apple pie before, and would probably try next! Made this last week which used just about 3 pecks of apples future.... Perfectly tender with some bite they might have a rough estimate of the type Cookbook Deb... Zero gap but lots and lots of recipes to get excess moisture out with egg, then with. Up to the juices and preheated a sheet pan on top ) do bake! A sugar/water/honey/vinegar mixture into the pie butter bits might make for very flaky crust..., bake on the weekend to illustrate posts smitten kitchen apple in the filling and pie crust the night before and in...

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