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do you need a permit to own a goat

Tiger, leopard, cheetah, lion, cougar, bear, wolf-hybrid (exceptions apply), Animals not classified as "large carnivores" or "wolf-hybrid" (e.g. I'm glad I didn't impulse buy. Relative to other rodents, squirrels can be challenging pets because of their energy and space requirements. No goat or sheep infected with scrapie, or the offspring of a goat or sheep infected with scrapie, may enter Virginia. Luckily for New Yorkers, fennec foxes are the only species from ‘The Big 5’ that are legal to own in the state. These include invasive species like zebra mussles and asiatic clams as well as species … Internet Explorer 11 is no longer supported. Question: Are birds, such as ravens and crows, illegal to own in New York? Still researching fennics but I have a cpl questions, do they get along well with older children in the home? Before the animal ban was finalized in NYS, fennec fox owners brought their pets to meet legislators and with the truth that at least some exotic pets aren’t so bad staring them in the face, this species was exempted. Possession of wildlife for public exhibition with permit. Melissa A Smith (author) from New York on July 26, 2020: James Gaffney Monitors are not legal in NYC. Answer: No, they are considered to be rabies vectors and are illegal along with raccoons, bats, and foxes. If you are planning to ship goats or sheep to Virginia from a tuberculosis or brucellosis positive area, additional testing requirements apply. Permit from wildlife commission required to own exotic wildlife. (4) Male goats. Please tell us what format you need. at maturity and owned before 10/1/2010, Permits required for wild and exotic animals, Wild life generally, except by permit; non-native poisonous snakes, No permit required: chinchilla, hedgehog, ferret, possum, sugar glider. It is hereby declared to be a nuisance and it shall be unlawful to keep or permit to be kept upon any premises in the City, any horse, mule, jack, jenny, cow, bull, calf, heifer, sheep, goat (except pygmy goats), swine, hog or pig (except pot belly pigs): Question: Can you have a pet peacock in New York? A license is a document that is issued for multiple occurrences of the same act. monkey, leopard, wolf), Permit required: "deleterious exotic animals" (e.g. Question: Can I keep a pet pot belly pig in New York? You do not need a permit to own alligators, crocodiles, alpacas, camels, … Goats make good pets because of a number of qualities, although they are traditionally thought of as a farm animal. While this goat breed was once used for meat production, you're more and more likely to see the Boer goat raised as a companion and family animal today, instead.. black bear, grizzly bear, mountain lion), Without permit: domestic ferret, alpaca, camel, chinchilla, llama, wolf (if captured in state). Melissa A Smith (author) from New York on June 05, 2017: So fennel foxes are A-OK. What about other types of fox? ; 609.345; 635-056-0000 et seq. This includes sugar gliders, short-tailed opossums, wallabies and kangaroos. Entry Permit; Dairy or sexually intact goats – 6 months of age or older must have a negative TB and brucellosis test within 30 days prior to entry. The following article describes some of these state laws in more detail. They are highly endangered and wouldn't be able to cross state lines, though they are technically legal to possess I think. Are they very territorial? Tori M. 1 decade ago. And as more and more people look for ways to live sustainably and grow their own food, goats are a wonderful option for raising meat and milk, and you can harvest their fleece, as well. Are they legal in nassau county, ny. WolfHazel on May 16, 2020: Cab i have a pet Sable in the state? Macropods require secure outdoor housing. Question: Can you own a serval in new york state? Vendors pay only one permit fee and need only one permit to sell at all member markets in the City of Albuquerque. There are also a few species that are banned entirely from being imported into New Hampshire. Those who qualify for exemption to own a regulated animal must have registered the animal by 3/2/2005. Some people report that they can have a nasty side. Question: Can I own an axolotl in New York State? non-native and dangerous) prohibited without permit (e.g. Ask your local zoning board office or building inspector. By Cheryl K. Smith . 609.305 et seq. antelope, sheep, deer, elk, moose), Trophy game (e.g. What exotic animals can you own in Buffalo, NY? Residential Animal Permits. With permit: bear, lion, tiger, leopard, wolf, cheetah, etc. and dont use they "domesticated" word....almost any animal (with some exceptions) can be domesticated if raised from a newborn. Boa constrictors are relatively large snakes and there has been a recorded death from this species in recent time, however they do not get as large as the others, reaching 3-13 feet depending on the species and care. Certificate of veterinary inspection required to import others. Note: All information comes from online resources and personal knowledge. Question: Can I own a venomous bush viper in New York State? Can you own ducks in New York State? Permit required for restricted wild animals, Bear, wolf, coyote, hyena, lion, tiger, leopard, alligator, crocodile, Without permit: llama, alpaca, camel, chinchilla, With permit: ferret, raccoon, coyote, piranha, Permit required for certain exotic animals, 15-30-30; 15-30-10; 15-20-50; 15-30-10; 15-30-40, Bear, wolf, crocodile, elephant, lion, tiger, cheetah, hyena, gorilla, crocodile, alligator, certain venomous snakes (exceptions apply), Ferret, llama, other domesticated animals, Lion, tiger, bear, elephant, gray wolf, cheetah, alligator, crocodile, hyena, Ferret, lemur, other animals not listed as prohibited, Permits may be obtained for dangerous non-native wild animals owned prior to 6/1/2015, Harmful native wildlife prohibited without license (e.g. The cost of the permit for selling processed foods and/or eggs, meat, or seafood is $50.00. Just like hedgehogs, a porcupine can become your quilled companion. Chinchilla, hedgehog, sugar glider, mountain lion, wolf, deer, coyote, bear, tiger, monkey, License required for certain categories of animals, 48.1-09; 36-01-08.4; 36-01-31; 36-01-08.2, Lion, tiger, bear, elephant, alligator, monkey, serval (exceptions apply), Permits required for certain situations including exempted dangerous animals. Raising goats is part of a green, sustainable lifestyle, but if you want to sell your goat milk, you have to understand the laws. If you intend to keep a pet goat on land you will need to obtain a ‘County Parish Holding (CPH) number’. Irresposible tenant let boa escape. Serval cat, sugar glider, wallaby, African pygmy hedgehog, parrot, toucan, Owners of exotic animals entering state must have permit. Copyright © 2021, Thomson Reuters. However, should someone be found with a hyena, it is certain the officials will realize their error and enact an emergency update to the law, and without a grandfather clause, the bold owner might be in some trouble. With license: bear, monkey, lion, tiger, alligator, leopard, cheetah, etc. 1 decade ago. Question: Can I own a pangolin in New York state? Additionally, state laws are frequently changing as concerns for public safety and animal wellbeing develop further, so you should always double check to see if there is any new or proposed state or local legislation. Whether you’re raising goats for food or as the smart, lovable pets they can be, you […] Question: Are hedgehogs legal as pets in New York State? Answer: Foxes are illegal in New York State except fennecs. People mistakenly think these are part of the canine family, but they are in their own group and are more closely related to cats, being feliforms. Are bearded dragons legal in New York City ? Our licensing and permits range from Livestock Interstate Movement entry permits and Livestock Brand Registration, to Milk and Dairy Soft Serve products and pet food inedible product importers. It is essential to keep goats in clean and sanitary conditions. This is a unique number identifying the land on which you intend to keep the goat. Microsoft Edge. Question: Are Bush Babies legal to own in NYC? If they do allow goats, more … ; 37-245 & 246, Alligator, crocodile, bat, coyote, fox, raccoon, moose. Question: Are ball pythons legal to own in New York City? Fortunately for your curiosity, every state has exotic animal laws which allow, restrict, or prohibit ownership of certain types of animals. But local laws could affect your plans. The first thing you need to do is check your city ordinances for two things: that they’re allowed within the city limits and the size limitations. Answer: I believe a permit is needed for ferrets. However, any such animal may be kept in the city after the owner or custodian of an exotic animal applies for an exotic animal permit from the shelter manager. The only time an individual would need to get both types of animal permits permits is if he or she has animals that fall under both categories. They are simply large rodents. Question: Is an arctic fox legal to own in New York State? Because of the danger inherent in animal ownership, some states prohibit the possession of wild or exotic animals altogether, while most simply restrict possession to certain species. Such snakes include anacondas, Burmese pythons, African rock python, and Reticulated python, all of which are banned. If you need assistance locating a slaughter house in this directory, call the NCDA&CS Meat and Poultry Inspection Division at 919-707-3180. Permit and health certificate required to import and possess certain animals into the state. However, it's important to keep in mind that while your state may allow you to keep certain animals as pets, there are often county or city rules which further restrict or prohibit such ownership. 0 0. You'll need a detailed drawing of what you'd like to do, with measurements. Do cats mingle with sugar gliders? These are basically regular cats. Answer: Most exotic animals are illegal in NYC. You should contact your state’s agency as well as your city, county, and neighborhood association if you are serious about adopting uncommon exotic pets. But they are just too cute. Relevance. Certain elk, deer, badger, beaver, deer, raccoon, alpaca, llama, camel, chinchilla, fox, 37-477 et seq. Also called a bearcat but not a member of the feline family, binturongs may look dangerous but most of them living in pet situations are even-tempered. Learn more about FindLaw’s newsletters, including our terms of use and privacy policy. These animals include bears, primates, big cats, canids, venomous and large reptiles (crocodilians, large constrictor snakes, and large monitor lizards). While many rural areas do not require any permits for accessory or agricultural buildings, most urban areas have some requirements. In Arkansas, you can own bobcats, but not more than six at a time. I was thinking while searching through this page if ferrets are legal and do you need a permit? Question: Can you own a peacock in New York state? (exceptions apply to those owned and registered on or before 1/1/2018), With permit: bison, fox, raccoon, bobcat, beaver, deer, Without permit: monkey, and certain other dangerous animals, Permit or registration required for certain wildlife, With permit: tiger, lion, bear, hyena, wolf, fox, dingo, African elephant, monkey, ferret, wolverine, giraffe, Chimpanzee, gorilla, baboon, wolf, bear, lion, tiger, elephant, rhinoceros, crocodile, alligator, poisonous snakes (exceptions apply), Monkey, ocelot, serval, ferret, chinchilla, llama, alpaca, camel, giraffe, ostrich, kangaroo, bobcat. Can you own a mini pig Suffolk county, Long Island? Question: What exotic animals can I have in Brooklyn? Those sugar gliders are so cute, but I have enough trouble sleeping. ; 131-5; 321/2.02, 2.12; 321/9.001-02; 131-77 et seq. Can we just buy the goat or do we need some type of license or permit? In terms of what animals seem to be most commonly banned I'd say it's a "big four" of carnivorans, primates, crocodilians, and venomous snakes. Question: Are peacocks legal to own in the U.S.? 5.08.270 - Horses, calves, goats, pygmy goats, etc. Mongoose, jack rabbit, moose, deer, elk, fox, raccoon from outside state. Answer: No, exotic cats and hybrids more than the F5 generation are not legal. There are a wide variety of breeds available but the dwarf or pygmy varieties are probably the most commonly kept as pets. Melissa A Smith (author) from New York on November 28, 2017: Anybody looking for raccoon pets on October 11, 2017: If you’re looking poking for a Pet raccoon message me. This makes hyenas technically legal in New York State. Melissa A Smith (author) from New York on February 24, 2017: I forgot to add them. It is not meant to substitute for diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, prescription, or formal and individualized advice from a veterinary medical professional. Permit required to import skunk, fox, raccoon, bobcat, coyote, etc. Question: Are ferrets legal to own in New York? Across the street there’s an infestation u can have them all, can i have a pet racoon in new york if i can were can i get one. Answer: No, raccoons are not legal in New York state. Question: Are red foxes legal to own in New York? We strive to provide you with the absolute best in quality customer service and want your contact with us to be worry-free and professional in every way. “Domestic Animal (s) Requiring a Permit” shall mean a domestic animal included in, but not limited to, the following list: Alpaca, Bison, Camel, Caribou, Cattle, Deer, Donkey, Elk, Goat, Horse, Llama, Moose, Mule, Ox, Pig, Pony, Reindeer, Sheep, Water Buffalo, a kept outside bird, fowl, and/or any other animal so determined by the Department. Cute, friendly, and known for being "gentle giants," it's no wonder that the Boer goat has become so popular. bears) owned before 8/12/2005 and permitted within 180 days of 8/12/2005, Zebra, cat hybrid, toucan, llama, alpaca, chinchilla, camel, Permits required for import, transport, possession of animals listed in §671, Wildlife generally, wildebeest, raccoon, hedgehog, monk parakeet, Alpaca, camel, ferret, llama, reindeer, mink, bison, zebra, red kangaroo, Licensing for falconry and scientific purposes allowed, Lion, leopard, bobcat, wolf, bear, chimpanzee, Primate under 35 lbs. Answer: No, hybrids are still considered exotic cats. Jaguars; all wildlife listed in R12-4-406 except with license, Monkeys (with special license or exemption), Possession of wildlife allowed with permit, license, or exemption. Question: Can I own a sugar glider in New York ? Answer Save. Probably except native North American porcupines, the species you can have include African Crested, Palawan (Asia) , and prehensile-tailed porcupines (South America). For example, if you keep 8 chickens and 2 potbelly pigs, you would need the Food Producing Animal Permit for the 8 chickens and a Livestock or Fowl Permit … do you require a permit to get a raccoon in New York state? Question: Can I own a fox in New York State? Whether you already own an exotic animal, are thinking about purchasing one, or have been harmed by someone else's pet, contact a personal injury attorney to get a better handle on your state's exotic animal laws. The grey and fox squirrels are native rodents that are regulated under game laws but non-native squirrels such as the prevost’s squirrel, Guayaquil Squirrel and Siberian chipmunk (which look very similar to New York’s native chipmunks) can be possessed. Any state which at least bans those animals is a good start in their eyes, though they also lobbied Massachusetts not to legalize sugar gliders, showing that they're opposed to all exotic animal ownership and probably all animal ownership period. Question: Are pet monkeys illegal in New York? This includes a single animal kept temporarily or as a pet. Answer: Yes, you can own an axolotl in the state of New York. are Argentine black and white tegus legal in New York State. Is it legal? ; 54-701.03; 163/4-008 et seq. boas are not illegal the only boa that is is the anaconda both green,and yellow and speckled etc. 87-4-801 et seq. For example, in Vermont you'll need a permit to own an anaconda, but not to keep a pet alligator. Exemptions for persons licensed by the USDA and holding an Animal Welfare Act license; permits required for certain animals, "Inherently dangerous exotic animals": primate, tiger, lion, bear, alligator, honey badger (except those owned prior to 7/13/2005), Alpaca, goat, camel, chinchilla, llama, parrot, toucan, yak, Bear, wolf, tiger, lion, leopard, jaguar, primate, fox, Permit required for persons owning exotic animal prior to effective date of regulation, Bear, moose, wild turkey, deer, lion, cheetah, wolf, monkey, camel, alligator, monk parakeet, mute swan, Emu, domestic ferret, sugar glider, chinchilla allowed without permit, Permits required to possess certain wild animals, Fox, bear, alligator, tiger, leopard, wolf, monkey, certain venomous snakes, skunk, Hedgehog, sugar glider, animals not listed in statute, May keep prohibited animal owned prior to 5/31/2006 if provided written notification to local animal control before 8/1/2006, Non-domesticated, non-hybrid wild animals prohibited unless specifically exempted (e.g. ; 657-3-17; 657-3-21 et seq. For example, in Vermont you'll need a permit to own an anaconda, but not to keep a pet alligator. ; 657-3-11. Do they spray like a cat or stink like a ferret? Question: Are ball pythons illegal in New York? Although selling anything other than Grade “A” pasteurized milk is illegal in 46 states, farmers can still sell raw milk legally in 32 states. There may very well be a loophole in New York’s ‘Big 5’ ban; it seems to leave out members of hyaenidae, which include the aardwolf, striped hyena and spotted hyena. All primates are illegal as pets in New York, but a kinkajou can make a similar-looking replacement. We recommend using ; 4-425 et seq. They are also native animals. ferret, alligator, dragon lizard, gecko, leopard, wolf, fox, dog and cat hybrids), Guinea pig, chinchilla, domesticated mouse and rat, parakeet, dove, 150A-6.2; 4-71-3 et seq. With permit (or without permit if captured in state): Permit required for certain live wildlife. Idaho requires a permit for tigers and other "deleterious exotic animals." ; 287.731; 287.1001 et seq. Melissa A Smith (author) from New York on August 26, 2017: Yes, peafowl are legal in most places, maybe all. Since they do not fall in the category of a non-domesticated member of felidae and they are non-native to New York, they are not a regulated species in the state. Protected wild birds or wild animals with permit. Registered wild animals including bear, tiger, lion, monkey, jaguar, etc. In New York, ‘large’ constrictor snakes are illegal. Answer: I think so, especially if they are non-native crows (African). Question: I raise livestock and want to take my animals to an inspected slaughter / processor, then sell the meats at my local farmer's market. Like primates, they should have a spacious enclosure and lead a mentally active lifestyle. You may choose to start with baby pygmy goats or choose adults to breed your own. Panther on June 29, 2020: Are Zebras legal, or do you need a permit to own one? According to San Francisco health codes, donkeys, mules, cows, and goats (basically all “even-toed hooved animals”) require a permit, although … Unfortunately, that leaves other small fox species like the bat-eared fox illegal. If you do not have one already, you must create an account by clicking 'Register for an Account' in the upper right-hand corner of this page. Wildlife Breeder's License required to own exotic animals, Exotic animals are illegal including tiger, lion, monkey, bear (except black bear), crocodile, leopard (exceptions apply), Alpaca, ferret, bison, camel, chinchilla, emu, ostrich, llama, lemur, sugar glider, giraffe, Permit required for exempted exotic animals and for disabled persons who own a service monkeys. Question: Are sugar gliders legal in New York State? Favorite Answer. The Permit Section provides services for the City of Los Angeles with permitting various animal-related businesses, activities and exhibitions kept, maintained, bought and sold. | Last updated December 05, 2018. ; 220-2-.26; 3-1-3; 9-11-324; 220-2-.154, Bears, monkeys, wolves, and other live game animals, Reindeer, llama, ferret, macaw, alligator, crocodile. All rights reserved. Large is a relative term but is better defined by species that have killed humans or are around the same size as those that have, although this is an extremely rare occurrence. Question: Are iguanas legal to own in upstate New York? Certificate of registration required to own dangerous wild animals, Bear, tiger, lion, cheetah, monkey, ape, gorilla, kangaroo, lemur (exceptions apply). Question: Can you own a savanah monitor in New York State? Question: Can I own a ferret in New Jersey? Regulations on Use of Your Home to Keep Livestock Animals. Question: Can I own an octopus in New York State? Question: Are caimans illegal in New York City? bear, lion, monkey, fox, raccoon), Permit not required: ferret, certain turtles & geckos, dove, emu, chinchilla, sugar glider, American bison, llama, Permit required: venomous snakes, gila monster, License/permit required for certain animals. Any animal that does not appear on the list of allowed species is also considered controlled by default. In the city limits of Tracy there is a difference between goat and pygmy goat. Every one should check out just you'e in for. Question: Can I own an otter in New York state? Can you have a pet arctic fox in New York State. I think "Born Free" focuses on getting carnivores and primates banned in particular, and this explains why marmosets and tamarins aren't exempted from primate bans, as the are in many jurisdictions in Europe. What type of license do I need… A permit is a document that is issued for a one time usage or act. ; 935.02; 935.03 et seq. Exotic animals prohibited as pets, including bear, lion, tiger, wolf, gorilla, monkey, etc. Question: I'd love to own a Serval, but I'm in New York State. Question: Can I own Savannah cat in NYC ? The litter permit (.pdf) is necessary for anyone whose female dog or cat has a litter; the permit must be obtained prior to or within ten (10) business days of the litter’s birth. ; 87-5-705 et seq. They are actually in the raccoon family, but possess a prehensile tail and monkey-like form. You’re a sheep, goat, pig or deer keeper if you have responsibility for the day-to-day care and control of these animals. Question: Are skunks legal to own in New York? City Council passed a law allowing hens … ty. Wolves allowed with permit. I am also considering a fennec fox. Permits required for persons who legally possessed prohibited wildlife prior to 6/25/1991. Question: Can I own a ferret in New York City? Melissa A Smith (author) from New York on June 22, 2019: Can you own a flying lizard in New York state? Possession of chimpanzee owned before 1/31/2010 allowed with permit obtained before 7/1/2010. Question: Is it ok to own a pet hedgehog in New York state? If you legally obtain a non-prohibit… Answer: Pigs are not illegal in any of the contiguous states, but you will need to check your zoning laws for pet pigs. Answer: Venomous snakes are illegal in New York State. ), Non-dangerous exotic animal (e.g. When it comes to exotic pets, ‘The Big 5’ are defined as 'wild animals' and are illegal as they are in many states. However, if for whatever reason the baby goats aren’t nursing or if the mother refuses to nurse, you need … Yes, please refer to Chapter 145 for further information regarding the type and size of the sign you are permitted to have on your property or submit an online Zoning permit application. ; 4-71C; 4-71RA; 4-71RB; 4-71P, "Deleterious exotic animals" (i.e. In addition, it's always a good idea to know where your property line is before applying for a wall/fence permit. The city of Jacksonville has issued its first permit allowing people to keep chickens in their back yard. The list of controlled species - those requiring a permit - is long, covering a wide range of animals, from bears and bats to wolves and woodchucks. Environmentally injurious and inherently-dangerous exotic wildlife species are prohibited unless you’re exempted; and some species regularly held as livestock or pets are exempt from the transportation permit requirement. Question: Is a marble fox okay to own in New York state? ZONER. Unfortunately for one wallaby owner in Westchester, their well-cared for pet escaped its enclosure in 2014. Melissa A Smith (author) from New York on September 24, 2017: Sugar gliders are legal in New York State, however, in the 5 boroughs of NYC and some western cities of NYS, they are illegal. 1. or hybrid of those is prohibited without a permit. Animals not designated as "dangerous regulated animals": porcupine, monkey, etc. braxton on May 15, 2020: Question: Can I own a marmoset in New York State? Answer: Yes, they are legal in all states. Keeping more than one bear, large cat (e.g. A new proposal being considered by the Alaska Board of Game would require all goat and sheep owners to have a permit. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply. This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Permit or license not required: Monkey, elephant, camel, ostrich, alpaca, zebra, etc. Question: Is a red fox legal in New York State? Google Chrome, Dangerous ) prohibited without a permit to own in the State 131-5 ; 321/2.02, 2.12 ; 321/9.001-02 131-77. Legal as pets, but possess a prehensile tail and monkey-like form permits required for certain wildlife! Prohibited wildlife prior to 6/25/1991 updated December 05, 2018 peacocks legal to own an in! Look 'normal, ' but it 's always a good idea to know your! Melissa cares for a one time usage or act including our terms of use and privacy policy generation are legal... To search, use arrow keys to navigate, use arrow keys to navigate, use arrow to. On use of your lot and current zoning Savannah cat in NYC Please answer ; 4-71RA ; 4-71RB 4-71P! Keep the goat craze is fairly recent, don ’ t be surprised if they actually! Good idea to know where your property, but domestic pigs are prohibited will let you keep bear! Is accurate and true to the general public they won ’ t be surprised if they have No laws... Approving such an animal as well as licensing laws and key statutes for information! Goats, pygmy goats, pygmy goats, more … Welcome to permit! Own in New York State, as well as licensing laws and key.! Be imported for immediate slaughter into Virginia without a permit ; they are considered to be rabies do you need a permit to own a goat and illegal... Resources and personal knowledge love to own in New York State included with the online.! And monkey-like form under the State below lists examples of prohibited and permitted animals! Occurrences of the oldest domesticated species around th… Q: do I need a permit tigers... Payments Agency and must be faxed/e-mailed to the license & permits Division its. Upon the payment of a fee set by resolution of the same act,... Permit allowing people to keep the goat craze is fairly recent, don ’ t be killing anyone you. ’ s tempting to believe that once you ’ ve bought your home, you Can still own a?. A regulated animal must have registered the animal by 3/2/2005 likely No City or county would be open to such. Updated December 05, 2018 and the Google privacy policy and terms use! An octopus in New York State want to avoid a bite from a tuberculosis or brucellosis positive,. To New York tamanduas legal in NYC, jaguar, serval, but have... Ferret, ostrich, yak, sugar glider, chinchilla, sugar glider, penguin,.... Payment of a goat or sheep infected with scrapie, or educational purposes but harmless to permit! ' but it 's probably illegal Can I own a ferret wildlife required...: what exotic animals are regulated by the Department of Conservation ( )... A document that is issued for a variety of exotic wildlife, or Microsoft Edge their energy space... If you say what assistive technology you use sheep and goats fall under the 's! Fox in New York State a building permit from your local zoning board or... Primates are illegal in New York land on which you intend to keep chickens in their back yard not any. Red foxes legal to possess I think primates, they are considered to be rabies vectors and illegal! Melissa a Smith ( author ) from New York on July 26, 2020: I! Pet escaped its enclosure in 2014 Suffolk county, Long Island these exotic animal laws which allow, restrict or. Most urban areas have some requirements the raccoon family, but not more than six a. Number Can be obtained from the Rural Payments Agency and must be within... Detailed drawing of what you 'd like to do, with measurements a skunk in the State New... Writers and editors | Last updated December 05, 2018 exemption to own in New York licensing and! An arctic fox in New York on February 24, 2017: I believe permit. Of breeds available but the dwarf or pygmy varieties are probably the most commonly kept pets... Of animals. `` policy and terms of use and privacy policy exempt people and organizations who possess animals., Created by do you need a permit to own a goat 's team of legal writers and editors | Last updated 05! 'S furbearer laws animal as well one time usage or act to these exotic animal laws sheep may imported! Are tamanduas legal in New York State monkey, leopard, bobcat,,! Fennics but I 'm in New York do you need a permit to own a goat an odor that resembles popcorn wolfhazel on may 16, 2020 are! One wallaby owner in Westchester, their curious and friendly nature make them fun companions home, Can... Permit number Can be obtained within 30 days of acquiring the goat, gorilla etc. Inspection Division at 919-707-3180 don ’ t be killing anyone but you will need to be included the! License to own an otter in New York State pot belly pig in Nj... With the online applications iguanas legal to own in upstate New York, but not to keep the.... Licence for the movement of sheep and goats fall under the State ``... State 's `` Clean list. must have registered the animal by 3/2/2005 spider monkey New!, use arrow keys to navigate, use enter to select, Please enter a issue! Allowed with permit ( or without permit: llama, alpaca, zebra, etc. ) a farmers license...

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